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English - Writing

English - Writing

"If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do the thinking for them"

Eric Blair (George Orwell)

Our Intent


At St Francis de Sales, we passionately believe the fundamental purpose for teaching writing is encapsulated in Orwell's view. We aim for our pupils to become independent writers, who are able to express their thoughts, beliefs and creativity confidently and articulately for a range of audiences and purposes.


We have a 'no glass ceiling' policy as regards to writing: this means that all pupils are given the opportunity learn and use key writing skills which enable them to produce an outstanding piece of work. Although there are occasions when challenges are differentiated, there are no artificial or unjustified limitations placed on groups or individuals. We believe this enables high aspiration, expectation and achievement.


Our writing topics cover a wide range of genres and purposes and they are designed to be motivating and challenging with 'real' outcomes where possible. For example:

  • Our collections of short stories are now available in the local library and at the Central Library in Liverpool
  • Collections of pupils' poems have been published in a national anthology
  • We have written letters to Liverpool City Council about a current issue in the local area
  • We send letters to partners schools in China and Spain


Opportunities for pupils to write across the curriculum further enables our pupils to apply and extend their learning. These include scientific investigations and observations, emotive diary entries in RE and non-chronological reports in History and Geography - here, we have the same high expectations on quality as we have in writing lessons.


Writing Beyond The Classroom



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