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Writing Ambassadors

Writing Ambassadors


Our Writing Ambassadors form part of our Talent ID cohort for each year group. Two children are selected from each year group as a voice for their year group.  The group meet on a weekly basis to discuss new initiatives to inspire writing, propose changes to our writing curriculum and organise competitions and events to promote writing for all.

Year 3: Amber F, Kendall L, Sofia C and David B


"I like being a Writing Ambassador because I enjoy spending some more time thinking about how we can improve writing for everyone." Amber F


"I'm really proud of being a Writing Ambassador because I like to share my ideas with everyone in my year group. I like making up the different challenges for pupils to do at lunchtimes." David B


Year 4: Ava K, Zachary D, Zoe Q and Poppy W


"I'm really proud of being a Writing Ambassador and I like the responsibility that comes with the job. We have been thinking of different activities that people will like to do to encourage more people to join in with the competitions" Poppy W


"I enjoy being a Writing Ambassador because we get to have meetings to discuss our ideas. We have been thinking of some new ways that we can share our writing with lots of people." Zoe Q


Year 5: Thomas J, Olivia M, Ariana B, Kayleb T


"I think it is important for younger pupils to see that everyone can be a writer because it's a really important skill to have. To do this, I try to think of creative ways to get everyone excited and involved in writing through competitions and activities." Kayleb T


"Personally, I have always enjoyed writing but I know that there are some children who find it quite difficult. Being a Writing Ambassador helps me to think about how we can get these pupils just as excited by writing as I am. By writing songs, poems, lists and stories in their own time, I think that some pupils have more freedom to write what they want to." Olivia M


Year 6: Callum E, George M, Molly Mc, Riley K


"I have always enjoyed Writing, but it is only since I have come into Year 6 that I think it has really improved. In the past, I have always been quiet and not enjoyed sharing my ideas as much as others would. However, being a Writing Ambassador has meant that I had to share my ideas and be a role model for others too. It has really improved my confidence in myself!"  Molly Mc


" I think that it's crucial that we have Writing Ambassadors because you can hear the opinions of the pupils and the ideas that they have about what they like and what could be improved." George M