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Activity Passport


The SFDS Activity Passport!

At St Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School, we are passionate about experiencing our amazing world, beyond the walls of our classroom. As students and teachers, we adopt a growth mindset; always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and develop our knowledge.


On each page of this passport are 12 challenges for you to complete during each year at SFDS. Some of these can be completed at school or during school trips, whilst others will need to be undertaken outside of school.


You can ask an adult to help you on your journey but you must complete the challenges yourself. Once you have completed an activity, you must provide some form of evidence for your class teacher to see. This could be a note from an adult, a photo, a drawing etc.

Whilst the passports will be kept in school, you can follow the link below to keep track of your challenges!

What are YOU aiming for?