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Non Excidet

SFDS: Behaviours and Attitudes

     The Non Excidet Mindset: 

    Positive Behaviours and Attitudes



Here at SFDS, it is our mission to live out our school motto on a daily basis: "Non Excidet' or 'We shall not fail". Through a range of strategies, each pupil is encouraged to develop a positive attitude to learning and value the education they receive in our school - both inside and outside of the classroom.


It is our aim to develop a mindset in our pupils in which they demand the very best for themselves in everything they do: a "Non Excidet Mindset". 


Both as staff and pupils, we continually ask ourselves and one another, "Is this Non Excidet?". The result is a school with outstanding behaviour, with pupils who display a real enthusiasm for learning and staff who want the very best for all pupils. It is a core aim of ours that pupils leave our school as highly motivated and aspirational citizens, pupils who understand that positive attitudes lead to positive behaviours, and positive futures.



We work on a daily basis to embed and develop this ethos. Alongside classroom work, assemblies and discussions, we have implemented a number of strategies to help us achieve this aim. When taken as a whole school ethos, this creates the tenets of the 'Non Excidet Mindset':


Below is a showcase of some of the strategies we are implementing for the 'Non Excidet Mindset', and giving you a clear idea of the impact they are having. Many of these initiatives are a reaction to pupil surveys and interviews - and have been implemented with the help of pupils and the student council.