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Easter Egg Competition

Right folks, the Olympics, Euro 2020 and Wimbledon might be postponed but nothing can stop our Easter Egg Competition. You know how it works - use decorated eggs (real or artificial) in a creation of your own. This year there will be some extra rules we are trusting you to abide by.

  1. All eggs used must have been eaten or used to make something to eat - no waste!! There are ways to get the contents out without smashing them so you may need to research this.
  2. Only use what you have at home now - no extra shopping trips for anything. This is very important as we know. If you have limited resources - get creative and resourceful!!


Photograph your entries and send them to your year group email address with your name and the name of your creation. Also include a photo of what you used the eggy bit for - extra marks for those who made something with it with family at home. Deadline Thursday 9th April at 3.30pm.


Criteria for the esteemed Judges:

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Originality
  • Skill and design
  • Humour
  • What you did with the eggy bit!


See the photos below of our winners from last year as a reminder of what it's about.


Good luck everyone!!