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Attendance and Punctuality


The strategies we have employed has seen a overall trend of improvement in attendance for all pupils and PA's.


  All Pupils PA
  2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
Attendance % 95.1 94.8 95.4 12.3 14.1 12.4


We are constantly assessing which strategies are most effective; we look to refine these further and address those which may be not as effective.


We analyse this data carefully to identify groups and/or individuals who may need extra support from our Attendance Officer and EWOS's to improve attendance.

Attendance Strategies



Daily Healthy Snacks

Each class who has 100% attendance on a day will receive a healthy snack for break time!


Friday Healthy Snacks

Each pupil who has 100% attendance for a week will receive a healthy snack on Friday morning break!


Weekly Attendance Raffle

At the end of each week, pupils with 100% attendance for that week will be entered into a class raffle—the winner receives a £5 gift voucher for Liverpool One!


Half Termly Class Competition

At the end of every half term, the class with the best attendance in a year group will get to chose their attendance treat.


Bronze and Silver Badges: 100% Attendance for a whole term

Pupils with 100% attendance for one term win a Bronze Badge that they can wear for the rest of the rest of the year. Pupils who succeed in completing two terms with full attendance will win a Silver Badge they can wear alongside the Bronze Badge!


Gold Attendance Badge: 100% attendance for the full school year

Children who have 100% attendance for the whole year will be awarded a Gold Badge—this is to signify they have completed a full year in school without a day off. These badges can be worn for the entirety of the next school year.


The Golden Ticket

In each phase, children with full 100% attendance for the whole year will be entered into a special raffle for chance to win a Golden Ticket—a ticket that pays in full for a  school residential—to skiing or Barcelona! For Year 6 pupils, we will contribute towards the first residential in high school!




We are currently working closely with SIL to put in place various support strategies for when we return to school which have been tried and tested in other schools. We believe these will improve the attendance of groups and individuals significantly.

Punctuality Strategies



The Late League

For the 11 weeks up to the recent closure of schools we operated a hugely popular 'Late League' and other incentives in order to encourage pupils to be in school on time.


Morning Football Club for Boys and Girls

To compliment these strategies we also recently introduced a morning football club from 8.15am, on our new astro turf facility, to encourage those pupils who walk to school independently to be punctual and not miss any school time.


In this period we have seen a significant improvement in the number of pupils arriving before 8.55am.


Week Total Number arriving after 8.55am per week Average Number arriving after 8.55am per day
Week 1 217 43.4 (10.2% of all pupils)
Week 11 138 27.6 (6.5% of all pupils)


We would have realistically expected these numbers to have improved further by the final week of the league (week 15).


We analyse this data carefully to identify individuals and patterns which the Attendance officer and EWO's follow up to provide extra support to those with poor punctuality.