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Remote Learning Curriculum

Parent Voice and Feedback on Remote Learning

St Francis de Sales: Remote Learning 



"The school is doing an amazing job and thank you. You are keeping the kids' spirits up and giving them as much normality as they can get right now. Just listening to my daughter doing her work from home and the effort and support you are giving is amazing."

- Year 6 parent


Here at St. Francis de Sales, we have integrated 'Google Classroom' into our curriculum. All pupils have been trained in the platform, and teachers have been trained to help them deliver and mark the best quality remote learning possible. We feel we are equipped to take on the challenge of lockdown and offer excellent quality education to all pupils who are working remotely. 


Our aim is to provide high quality online lessons and activities for our pupils to complete remotely that follow our curriculum as laid out in our curriculum planning. This means the work that pupils are completing remotely is the same as work that would be completed in class in a normal year; and the same work pupils of key worker children and vulnerable pupils are currently completing in school.


We are committed to offering our broad and rich curriculum to both pupils in school and those working remotely.



All work completed on Google Classroom is fully marked and teachers will give feedback on each piece of work completed. We will also be in regular contact with all parents through regular phone calls and emails to give feedback and offer support.


Please click on the below image to log into Google Classroom and access the lessons for your child.





We follow Dfe guidelines and set work that will take four hours per day. If you need any support in this matter, please email the relevant year group below. 

All children have been given their log in details for all of the online learning platforms, but if you need a reminder, please email the relevant year group and we will get straight back to you:


Please read our January 22nd Remote Learning Newsletter:




Remote Learning Support Pack



If a group of pupils are sent home, we have created Remote Learning Support Packs that parents and pupils will be offered. This pack has been produced to help support remote learning on Google Classroom, we feel it will help create a “classroom at home”. We are already thrilled by the levels of engagement with our remote learning and we are sure these packs will help you at home.


1. "Remote Learning Book" - these can be used if pupils want  to complete work on paper and upload the photograph of the work

2. Maths book—this can be used for children to complete any Maths work if they prefer to use paper

3. Reading Book chosen by your child’s teacher to support reading at home

4. Google Classroom guides and support materials

5. Mindfulness activities

6. Stationery and whiteboards

7. Handwriting activities

8. Paper Based Projects (to be used if a pupil completes all work - these are the excellent SFDS projects created in the previous lockdown so all dovetail with our curriculum).


If your child is isolating and you would like a pack created for your child, please email the relevant year group and we will prepare for you. If you have a reading book at home, please bring that with you when you pick up a pack.


Google Classroom Help Sheet