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Maths - Our Remote Learning Curriculum

Maths - Remote Learning: 



How to Use IXL Via Google Classroom - SFDS

Watch this video to see how your child should complete their daily Maths lessons via Google Classroom & IXL

Our Maths Remote Learning offer mirrors our in-school Curriculum: 


  • ensuring pupils receive clear explanations
  • supporting growth in confidence with new material through scaffolded practice
  • allowing for application of new knowledge or skills
  • enabling pupils to receive feedback on how to progress


Our Remote Learning Maths Work maintains as many features of school life as possible, including the amount of Maths & Arithmetic lessons, level of challenge and differentiation when needed. 

Daily Lessons:


Your child is set work on Google Classroom that mirrors the lessons that they would have been completing in school. We make use of one of our most popular in-school resources to support us with this: IXL. 


IXL is a maths based learning resource that links with the National Curriculum to provide our pupils with the opportunity to work on the different areas of maths. Pupils can work on objectives set for their age group, and consolidate target areas in order to improve. 


On IXL, success is earned through hard work and genuine understanding of each concept, and every student is empowered to achieve mastery. The result is an experience that nurtures confident learners, building fluency in fundamental skills in preparation for a lifetime of learning.


IXL has an app you can download from an app store, or can also be used on any browser:


When your child accesses their Maths Google Classroom task, they will be able to watch videos set for them by their teacher, view slides that would be used in class & then, using their IXL log in, follow the link to that days code/codes. Once your child has logged in, they will be able to complete the work that has been assigned for them each day. We advise that pupils spend around 30 minutes trying to achieve their medal/medals. IXL provides immediate feedback for pupils, should they encounter problems & parents can access data on how their child has performed. 


Teachers can remotely access this work & provide their own feedback directly to the pupil via Google Classroom. 


Additionally, our teachers have created 'Digital Passports' with a bespoke list of targets and medals for your child to work through & their own speed - this runs alongside their daily class codes on Google Classroom. Digital Passports can be found on this page. 

IXL Parent Guide