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Liverpool City Council

Letters to Liverpool City Council


Walton has been hailed 'Liverpool's Rat Capital!' - not something we are prepared to stand for!


Year 6 were becoming tired of failed promises by local council leaders who promised a 'huge clean up' of our local community.  Additionally, we were outraged by our own experiences and those of other local residents, whose lives are being plagued by the nuisance of rats and other vermin in the area. These rodents are slowly beginning to take over our streets, making locals live in fear of leaving for work; playing in their garden or walking to the local shop without witnessing the damage caused by rats or seeing one nonchalantly scurry through the street.


We decided to write to Liverpool City Council to see what they were doing about the issue; how they planned to tackle the increasing 'epidemic' and how they would respond to our well-researched and well-written arguments.