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Year 6


We have links with Yi-Fu School and the Sunshine Primary School of Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an.


2022- 2023 Collaborative Projects



  • Introducing Yi- Fu and Sunshine School to the Year 6 children. They will be shown a video from the Chinese schools, introducing themselves and giving an insight into their daily life in school. They will also send a video, in return, introducing St Francis de Sales.  Links through Art - Children will study traditional Chinese artwork. They will look at a specific Chinese artist or style of painting.  Children will be able to orally discuss their similarities and differences with the Chinese children. They will compare and contrast their daily life in school to both Chinese schools. The video will engage the children and motivate them to create strong links with their partner school.  Children will gain a cultural appreciation of the similarities and differences with traditional Chinese artwork.


  • Link with Geography - Children explore the human and physical geography of China and compare and contrast the findings with our own city location. This will also present a good opportunity for children to explore the economy, culture and traditions of the country too. Furthermore, an insight into how the global pandemic has affected the country would be an insightful line of enquiry. Building on the questions of the economy of the location, children will develop their understanding of different economies in different countries. they will develop their understanding of the different cultures and lives of their peers in China and further develop their curiosity into their different lives.


  • Link with Music- Children will complete a study of traditional Chinese music. They may choose to focus on a style or person. This will link with International Music week. Children will also learn mandarin phrases through song during this week. Children will develop a further understanding of their peers as they explore the culture of music in China. They will be inspired by the different sounds, styles and compositions of Music from a Chinese origin.

Whole School - Chinese New Year Celebrations 2020

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