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Wordless Picture Book: The Arrival

Wordless Picture Book - The Arrival


As part of our analysis of our wordless picture book, 'The Arrival', we created six freeze frames to portray our own story of escaping our home.  We imagined how the protagonist must have felt on his venture away from the safety and security of his home, only to arrive in a place that was completely alien to him.  We enjoyed breaking the freeze frame to act in the shoes of our characters and justify the way they were feeling at significant points throughout the story. This book helps us to consider how immigrants and refugees may feel when they enter our country seeking a better life for themselves and their families.


Pupil Voice


"The drama really helped me empathise with the characters in the book.  I enjoyed using the space to think of different backdrops for my freeze frames and using the props and furniture to tell the story." Nathan W


"By creating the freeze frames it really helped me to think about how the characters might be feeling. I liked using facial expressions, props and zooming in with the camera to capture the character's emotions.  Doing this activity helped me to properly think about how immigrants feel when they enter our country and cannot speak our language. I think everyone should think about how we treat these people as sometimes they could be escaping terrible things happening in their home like the character in the book." Luca M