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Parts of a plant


After learning about the different parts of a plant, our children have shown their understanding by describing how the male and female parts of a plant work together to accomplish fertilisation.

"We learnt that pollination is when pollen is transferred from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma." Elizabeth, Class 3 



Year 3 have been learning about why animals including humans need to eat food. After learning about the different types of diets, they showed their understanding by sorting a variety of animals based on their diets using a Venn diagram. They then created a fact file about their own chosen animal and researched their diets using secondary research.

"We need to eat food because, unlike plants, we don't make our own and so food is where we get nutrients from to grow strong and healthy." George, Class 1 

Balanced Diet


Using their understanding of the food groups and the food pyramid, Year 3 created a healthy meal that included a variety of foods and then used their knowledge to give reasons why they chose the food for their meals. 



"I made sure that I used healthy foods that are colourful and nutritious. The foods I chose will provide me with the most nutrients to help me grow strong and healthy." Brooke, Class 1