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Developing skilled, independent writers is at the core of our writing process.  


The first lesson of each topic is a writing baseline and the final lessons involve the pupils completing and editing their own independent writing pieces. This enables us (and the children) to review the progress made by comparing these writing pieces. 


From Baseline to Final Independent Writing Piece

Narrative: The Iron Man

"I like that you can see the improvements in my writing very clearly. In my baseline, I did not use paragraphs and there is not much detail.  However, in my final draft you can see that I have more to write about because I know more so it is longer and better quality." Abigail C

Persuasive Letter: Save Anthony Gormley's Another Place

"You can see that my Independent write is much longer as I had more knowledge about the topic and could use lots of persuasive devices to convince the reader of my opinion." - Darcie K-W

Diary Entry: Journey

"I really enjoyed writing this diary entry inspired by the picture book 'Journey.' The drama games and oracy tasks that we did really helped me step into the shoes of the character and, as a result, helped me to improve my writing. - Charlie S

Non-Chronological Report: Mountain Ranges Across the World

"You can see in my final draft that I'm using paragraphs now and my paragraphs are starting with topic sentences.  I have also included some of the facts and statistics that I found out in my writing too to make it more informative." William

Biography: Influential Figures

"After completing my own research on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I was so inspired by his story that I wanted to write an amazing biography for him. I was able to improve my baseline by adding more paragraphs and using subheadings to clearly set out my information." - Saahas I

Poetry: The Power of Imagery

Writing across the Curriculum


Pupils are given opportunities to use the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in writing across a range of curriculum topics.

Independent Writing at Home


Competitions offer the chance for pupils to apply their writing skills independently beyond the classroom. From BBC's 500 words stories to Young Writers Competitions; national writing contests with the University of Liverpool to writing newspaper articles for Tim Quinn...

Take a look at some of our entries below...