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Developing skilled, independent writers is at the core of our writing process.  


The first lesson of each topic is a writing baseline and the final lessons involve the pupils completing and editing their own independent writing pieces. This enables us (and the children) to review the progress made by comparing these writing pieces. 


From Baseline to Final Independent Writing Piece

Narrative: Egyptian Adventure Story 

Independent Narrative Baseline
Independent Narrative Final Draft
Independent Narrative Final Draft
"You can see from my writing that now I am using paragraphs properly and it has a better structure. I used the different skills lessons to help me when I was writing my final piece." Ava

Persuasive Writing: Visit the World Museum! 

Independent Persuasive Leaflet Baseline
Independent Persuasive Leaflet Final Draft
Independent Persuasive Leaflet Final Draft
"From my baseline, you can see that I have used lots of persuasive language and rhetorical questions in my writing now. I think it is much better compared to my first one!" Lottie

Diary Writing: A Day in the Life...

A Day in the Life Independent Write
A Day in the Life Independent Write
An up-levelled piece of independent writing
"I loved this topic because we got to use our visit to the supermarket to help us in our description.  This really helped me imagine what the character was feeling and gave me ideas when I was writing."  Isabella

Writing Across the Curriculum

Pupils are given opportunities to use the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in writing across a range of curriculum topics.
Science investigation write-up!
Science investigation write-up continued
Writing letters, linking to Ephesians, in RE
Writing letters, referring to St. Paul, in RE
Rewriting religious scripture in RE
Explaining phrases in RE
Writing an information text in History
Writing a persuasive leaflet in Geography

Independent Writing at Home


Competitions offer the chance for pupils to apply their writing skills independently beyond the classroom. From BBC's 500 words stories to Young Writers Competitions; national writing contests with the University of Liverpool to writing newspaper articles for Tim Quinn...

Take a look at some of our entries below...

Viking Saga Competition: Ava
Viking Saga Competition: Amelia