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How does heart rate change during exercise?


After learning about the circulatory system, our pupils demonstrated their understanding by planning their won independent investigations to draw conclusions about how heart rate is affected during exercise.


'I thought my heart would get quicker after exercising as more oxygen needs to get round our body.'


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How does voltage affect the brightness of a lightbulb?


After learning how to create complete circuits and about the voltage of a cell, our pupils have been planning and carrying out their own independent investigations to determine how the voltage affects the brightness of a lightbulb.


'I predicted that the higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb. I thought this because it would provide more energy to the bulb, making it brighter.'


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Is it a complete circuit?


After learning about circuit components and how to create a complete circuit, following on from their learning in Year 4, out children have been showing their understanding by predicting and investigation which circuits would and wouldn't work and explaining why.


'A complete circuit needs to have a source of power and cannot have any open switches anywhere in the circuit.'



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