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We plan tasks that allow pupils to show their understanding, both of a standalone lesson and as part of a sequence of lessons, whilst making links to previous learning in other topics and year groups. 


Photographs: 1 Converting inches to cm in Science
Photographs: 2 Presenting data in Science using a line graph
Photographs: 3 Ordering numbers in History
Photographs: 4 Timezones in Geography
Photographs: 5 Using scaling to draw maps in History
Photographs: 6 Map drawing using measurement in Geography
Photographs: 7 Order and compare fractions reasoning
Photographs: 8 Multiplication and division of fractions reasoning
Photographs: 9 BODMAS Review
Photographs: 10 Scale factor reasoning

Pupil Voice:


"Maths is my favourite subject, so, when we get to demonstrate our understanding in other lessons, I am so excited. We have done this in many lessons this year, such as History, Science and even Writing, but my favourite was during Science, during our 'Light' topic, where we had to use maths across the whole topic in order to prove who stole the trophy! It was fabulous!" - Shaunna