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'Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas...' - Albert Einstein 

Maths at St Francis de Sales



At St. Francis de Sales, we believe that the language of mathematics is international and that the basic skills that are learned in the subject are vital for the life opportunities for our pupils. We strive to ensure that all children think mathematically, which enables them to reason and solve problems across a range of subjects. As such, our curriculum has been designed to ensure that every child can achieve excellence in the subject and experiences the awe and wonder that the subject can deliver. By the time pupils leave our school, pupils will have been given opportunities to develop and grow as mathematicians, employing various methods to solve problems independently; use knowledge of the four operations to be able to thrive in the outside world; form conjectures and prove/disprove mathematical statements; appreciate the importance of mathematics in the wider world and use the skills and knowledge that they have developed across their time in our school to influence the decisions they make in society.


Our Maths curriculum is challenging and based upon academic research: it provides a stimulating environment where children can learn and employ their skills across a wide range of contexts. We place a strong emphasis upon the vocabulary of our lessons to ensure that children experience a word-rich Maths curriculum and are able to use their skills in isolation and in varying contexts. Moreover, high aspiration is achieved through a ‘no-glass ceilings’ approach to our differentiation.


The planning of our Maths curriculum is focused on interleaving and revisiting areas of the curriculum at various points throughout the year. This ensures that our curriculum is sequenced in a way that aids retention of knowledge, demonstrating lasting learning as opposed to learning for performance. We also place emphasis on four operations and basic mathematical fluency to ensure that, regardless of prior/current attainment, pupils leave our school with the basic competencies needed to thrive in today’s society. Furthermore, the focus placed upon mathematical reasoning ensures that learning is transferable; it embeds a deeper understanding of the subject and highlights that our pupils can understand their maths as opposed to simply repeating routines without a true understanding.


Through their experience of the subject throughout their time in our school, we aim to create confident, fluent mathematicians who are able to communicate their understanding, whilst displaying an inquisitive mind and life-long love of the subject.


Knowledge Organisers:



Daily one hour mathematics lessons totaling a minimum of 6 hours will take place each week. The 6th hour will focus on the development of fluency when applying the core arithmetic skills. Problem solving and reasoning will be embedded throughout the curriculum with ample opportunities to apply taught skills to real life situations.



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