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Times Tables Competition

Times Tables Competition:

Times Tables Competition 2021:



A huge well done to all of our pupils for competing in the annual TTRS Times-Tables Competition.  A massive congratulations to our winning classes from Upper-School and Lower-School. As always, there was plenty of controversy over average coins and total coins – resulting in the sharing of the US Prize between C12 and C14!


Lower School: Class 5

Upper School: Class 12 and Class 14


 Our individual champions are as follows:


Year 3 Champion: Harley L  (Class Three)

Year 4 Champion: Christopher C (Class 7)

Year 5 Champion: Terri T (Class 12)

Year 6 Champion:  Dominic C (Class 14)







Despite ‘Bubble’ restrictions, our annual Times Tables Competition will still be going ahead. Just like last year, we will still be crowning individual Year Group Champions and Lower-School and Upper-School Class Champions.


Individual Champions:


There will be a champion from Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. This champion will be determined after finding which pupil (from each year group) has answered the most questions and is the most active player from their Year Group over the three-week period (19th April – 9th May).


Upper/Lower-School Champions:


Over the coming three weeks, the eight classes in lower-school (C1-C8) and the eight classes in upper-school (C9-C16) will compete in a knockout competition (each round running from Monday/Sunday). This will repeat until there is only one class left standing from upper-school and one class from lower-school. They will be our champions.


The Draw:




Class 2 vs. Class 4

Class 1 vs. Class 5

Class 3 vs. Class 6

Class 7 vs. Class 8




Class 9 vs. Class 12

Class 11 vs. Class 14

Class 15 vs. Class 16

Class 13 vs. Class 10


How can you help?


Easy! Let your child rock out! They can access TTRS at home, using their Times Tables Rock Stars details. They will also be given time in school alongside any time they spend on the app at home. Good luck!



After a marvellous build up, featuring the inaugural Class Competition, the Individual X-Factor Competition finally arrived! This year, the children competed on Times Tables Rock Stars for the very first time. The build-up was tense: children had to gain qualification from their own class and then started to size up the rest of the competition within their Year Group. Adding to all of this drama, was the extra chance to score bragging rights: the Class Competition. A huge congratulations to our winning classes:


Lower School: Class 7

Upper School: Class 13


These battles added fuel to the fire and, naturally, the focus shifted to the individual competition, leading to records being smashed across the school.


After some fabulous entrances to their own theme music (including a GOAT chant), the finalists took to the stage and competed to the best of their ability. Amazing accuracy and super speed was shown by all but champions had to be established.


Congratulations to all who competed, but, in particular, our Year Group Champions and the Lower/Upper School Champions.


Year 3 Champion: Issiah Bolmer (Terri T) Class One

Year 4 Champion: Slash Takac (Connor M) Class Five

Year 5 Champion: Maddison Savage (Lilia F) Class Nine

Year 6 Champion: The GOAT III (Leo G) Class Thirteen

Lower School Champion: Slash Takac - Class Five

Upper School Champion: The GOAT III - Class Thirteen