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Phases of the moon 

Year 5 have been exploring the phases of the moon and drawing their own diagrams to represent the different phases.


"I like understanding why we see the moon differently each night. I am looking forward to looking tonight and seeing what phase the moon is in." Saiya 

Explaining day and night cycles

Year 5 have been learning outside the classroom to develop their understanding of the orbits of The Earth and The Moon:


"it was hard at first to get each of the rotations right. But now that we we understand it is easier to explain why some parts of the earth are in day and some parts are in night." - Josh 

Dissolving Experiment 

After conducting an experiment, the children demonstrate their understanding of the results through their conclusion and challenge. 


"I predicted that coffee granules would not dissolve because they looked too thick. However I was wrong. It makes sense to me now as the dissolving granules make coffee." - Caitlyn