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SFDS Gallery

After researching street-artist Banksy's use of stencils and analysing some of his iconic pieces, we thought about the different styles of art that we are aware of. These include impressionism, having looked at Vincent Van Gogh, modern art such as Frida Khalo and Pop Art to name but a few. Each pupil produced a piece of art, and one lucky pupil from each class was chosen to have their work displayed. 



I LOVE art.

In the future, I hope to use art in my chosen career.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing arts and crafts.

Not only does it help me to relax, but it also allows me to be really creative.

(Alyssa, Class 15)


The gallery has really brightened up our dining room.

I'm hoping that my work is chosen to be displayed next term.

I have lots of ideas for my next piece...

(Joseph, Class 16) 

Chinese New Year 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Year 6 researched different aspects of one of the world's oldest cultures. We researched the Terracotta Army, the Chinese zodiac and Chinese writing to name but a few. Afterwards, pupils were then asked to show their understading of Chinese culture pictorially using their sketch books.   

I enjoyed comparing the 'Terracotta Army' sculptures to Anthony Gormley's 'Iron Men' sculptures

(which we visited in Year 4). Personally, I prefer the Terracotta Army as they have so much

more detail than the Iron Men. Did you know the terracotta soldiers were originally painted

with bright vivid colours, although these had faded by the time they were discovered? 

(Farah, Classs 15)

Manchester Muslim Preparatory School

I had heard of Baghdad, but had no idea of any of its famous architecture.

After our trip today, I now know about the impressive Al-Kadhimiya Mosque

 and its four golden minarets. (Joseph: Class 16)


I loved learning some of the different Arabic symbols today

at the Manchester Muslim Prep School. My favourite part of the day was having a go at calligraphy.

I learned how you use handmade pens of bamboo for the larger letters, and 'hatat' nibs for the smaller letters.

I definitely need more practise! (Ava: Class 15)