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International Links: African Art


Aboudia Abdoulaye Diarrassouba


Year 5 children researched and observed the work of the African artist -  Aboudia Abdoulaye Diarrassouba. They created a collage of chosen art works of him and created their own pieces in their sketch books using the skills we learned in our Arts skills day.


Architecture Inspiration: Zaha Hadid

Children in Year 5 explored the life and work of Zaha Hadid who is a famous architect who started her own company called Zaha Hadid Architects and designed famous landmarks including Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi and the London Aquatics Centre. Then, the children sketched their own building designs inspired on her work. 

Viking Longboats

After acquiring the skills and knowledge required, children in Year 5 used their understanding of Viking longboats and their understanding of suitable techniques to design and create their own Viking longboats. 



Viking Shields

After acquiring the skills throughout the Art sessions, the children showed their understanding by designing and creating their own Viking shields.


One child explained, "I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Vikings and creating a shield that was similar to the ones they used."

Chinese New Year 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children completed their own drawing of the animal that represented the year they were born. After this, we also looked at famous 'Willow' patterns by Thomas Minton so they could design their own and compare to his. 

Independent Sketching - Self-Portraits 


After acquiring the skills throughout the Art sessions, the children then worked independently to sketch their own self-portraits. Using knowledge organisers and previous work from Year 4, the children also compared their work to Hans Holbein and Leonardo da Vinci. 


One child explained, "I remember using shade in Year 4 which helped with my portrait and looking at the work from Han Holbein has given me excellent ideas."