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SFDS Gallery


After researching the work of Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh, we thought about their different styles and the impact that they had on Art. Each pupil in Year 3 is currently working on a piece of art - in a style of their choice - to hopefully be displayed in the highly anticipated SFDS Gallery. Watch this space for further updates... 

Cross Curricular Art:

Vincent Van Gogh & Andy Warhol

Comparing Artists: 

We have loved studying the work of two famous Artists - Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. Whilst they were both Artists, their work didn't have much in common. Van Goh produced Post-impressionism Art, whilst Warhol created Pop Art.  -  Hannah G


 My favourite piece by Van Gogh is 'Starry Night' because of the brush  strokes - I love how the sky swirls and the clouds roll. It reminds me of a dream. We discovered that Andy Warhol, however, used silkscreen printing to transfer the ink onto the canvas.  - Anthony M 


The two styles are different in how they look, but they both provoked a public response and have created a lasting legacy to this day and age. - Kyle SC

Chinese New Year 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Year 3 researched and then sketched the the story of Chinese New Year. According to Chinese legend, there once lived a ferocious monster by the name of Nian. It lived in the ocean, but at the end of the Lunar Year, it would come ashore to terrorise villagers, destroying their property and eating any livestock - or children - that it could find.