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Developing skilled, independent writers is at the core of our writing process.  


The first lesson of each topic is a writing baseline and the final lessons involve the pupils completing and editing their own independent writing pieces. This enables us (and the children) to review the progress made by comparing these writing pieces. 


From Baseline to Final Independent Writing Piece

Narrative: 'Clockwork' Story

Independent Narrative Baseline
Independent Narrative Final Draft
Independent Narrative Final Draft Continued
"This year, I’ve worked hard to improve my handwriting as well as extending my sentences and using high level punctuation. My favourite topic so far has been our writing inspired by ‘Clockwork’. I love how Philip Pullman uses lots of idioms throughout his writing and it really inspired me to include them in my own piece." Jayden

Persuasion: Lady Macbeth's Letter

Independent Persuasive Letter Baseline
Independent Persuasive Letter Final Draft
"This year, I liked writing my persuasive letter in the shoes of Lady Macbeth because I could use my knowledge of the text and quotes in my writing to bring it to life. The debate lesson was brilliant because it gave me a good opportunity to consider what Macbeth may be thinking and how killing Duncan would affect him. However, I used this to create strong counter arguments and flattery to convince him why Lady Macbeth's point of view was superior!" Lilia

Diary Entry: The Arrival

Independent Diary Entry Baseline
Independent Diary Entry Final Draft
Independent Diary Entry Final Draft
"If you compare my two pieces, you can see that there is a huge improvement in the quality of the vocabulary and the way I have used language and punctuation for effect. In this piece, I really enjoyed using non-standard English as an author's decision because I could use some slang to create a character who was writing in stead of being myself." Bayley

Writing Across the Curriculum

Pupils are given opportunities to use the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in writing across a range of curriculum topics.

Independent Science Investigation
Independent Science Investigation Continued
Analysing poetry in History
RE - Letter in the style of St. Paul
Evaluation of Scouse Pie
Homework - Research on North American Country

Independent Writing at Home

Competitions offer the chance for pupils to apply their writing skills independently beyond the classroom. From BBC's 500 words stories to Young Writers Competitions; national writing contests with the University of Liverpool to writing newspaper articles for Tim Quinn...

Take a look at some of our entries below... 

BBC 500 Words: Conrad
Liverpool of the Future Competition: Lola