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Teacher Voice

Teacher Voice


Teachers have noticed that the new curriculum has had a very positive impact upon the majority of pupils. The respectful nature of the lessons has transferred to other areas of school life. The pupils are now more open with their feelings and respect each others views.


“An understanding of 'the culture of a safe space' in the classroom has been developed.”


“I have noticed the class implementing the jigsaw charter in other lessons- ie being respectful when others are talking”


“I noticed a lot more empathy within the class in lessons and a greater appreciation of our differences. Even children who struggle to empathise with others, seemed better placed to 'put themselves in someone else's shoes'”


“In relation to mental health, I feel the children are much more open and honest about how they are feeling. They have a better understanding that it is equally important to look after our mental health as well as our physical health.”


“After looking at how pupils' body images may affect their self confidence, two pupils in my class got together after school and planned ideas for how they could spread kindness to members of their year group.”