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Science Club

We have been using our understanding of changes in state (melting and freezing) to create our own ice cream!

In Science Club, we have been carrying out lots of exciting physics and chemistry investigations including:

  • Making and testing our own rockets
  • Making and investigating Oobleck
  • Making and testing paper spinners. Our fastest spinner was created by Ellis! 
  • Designing and testing a foil raft. Our strongest raft was made by Urwah and Muhammed!
  • Magic milk! How does washing up liquid combat fat?
  • Growing jelly babies - which liquid would make the jelly baby grow the largest?
  • Making and testing different types of paper aeroplanes - we constructed darts, gliders and stunt planes. Theo created our fastest plane that travelled the further distance!


We have learned about different topics including states of matter and forces. 

Fastest Spinner Competition!

Raft Challenge

Magic Milk!

Paper Plane Challenge