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During this topic, we have been exploring grief and loss in relationships. After reading 'Badgers parting gifts', we discussed the 5 stages of grief. The children were able to recognise that all people grieve differently and over different periods of time. Following on from this discussion, we looked at how we could repair broken relationships using the 'Mend a Friendship' traffic light technique and the children were given the opportunity to practice some of their conflict management techniques.  


We took some time to celebrate the special relationships that we have in our lives. We thought about the things we love and appreciate about our family and friends and created a poster dedicated to a special person or pet.  


"I think that, if people are honest about how they feel, they can come up with a compromise." - Josh W


"Jealousy can cause anger and people do not have the best control over their behaviour when they are angry." - Libbie B


"I think the 'Mend a Friendship' technique is a great way to help people sort out their problems." - Ava F



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