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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice 



Year 3

Paisley - ‘I love PE, it is my favourite lesson in school. I really enjoyed the futsal lessons but all PE is really fun.   PE helps me to stay healthy. 


Theo-  ‘Sometimes PE can be quite challenging and some things are harder to do than others. When it is hard, Mr Johnston or Mr Shields will help me.’ 


Isla - ‘I really enjoy PE because it is always something different to normal school work. It gives me a chance to exercise which I love to do.’  


Albi - ‘I like it when I can do different skills to others in my lesson. It always gives me confidence that I can be better.’

Year 4

Olivia - ‘I really like to play sports so I love doing PE in school. I really enjoyed the basketball lessons but I was not as interested in dance.’ 


Luke - ‘I always like to win and in most PE lessons, we have the chance to play some sort of competition against others.’ 


Alfie-  ‘I really enjoyed my PE lessons the best part about PE was the sports that we did at Colomendy. I loved rock climbing and abseiling the most, they were really fun.’


Frankie - ‘The outdoor PE lessons are really fun but I have missed doing the indoor lessons. Going to Colomendy was good and I liked doing different sports with my friends.’ 

Year 5

Oscar – ‘When I do PE, I can release a lot of energy as well as getting better at different sports. Exercise helps me to concentrate more and be better in class.’ 


Molly – ‘I have really enjoyed representing school in the girl’s football tournament. I really enjoy outdoor PE lessons and would like to get the indoor ones back next year.’ 


Jojo – ‘I really enjoyed our trip to Colomendy and I was able to do things that we don’t normally do like rock climbing. Our PE lessons are really fun and I really enjoyed our biking trip to Delemere as I never get to go on my bike with all of my class.’


Callum – ‘Year 5 is fun because we can participate in competitions against other schools. I really enjoyed the futsal lessons and learning new sports like netball and basketball. Another thing was the ‘traditional sports day’ we had. I didn’t realise how hard it was to do an egg and spoon race.’ 

Year 6

Michael - ' I like how we get to use the astro at dinner time and that we have football in PE now. I did not like dancing as I didn't think I could follow the moves from the screen very well.'


Pixie - 'I have really enjoyed PE. It is always very challenging and we always learn new skills or games to play. The topics I enjoyed the most were football and basketball. I like playing football and I could see how some of those skills could be used in basketball.'


Callum - 'I really enjoyed going to the watersports as it is something that I have never done. Even though I didn’t do the paddleboarding, I still enjoyed canoeing


Anthony - 'I like how we play sports that have skills you can use in all of them. I only play football outside of school but since we did basketball, I want to find a basketball club because I think I am really good at it.’

Understanding what we have been taught