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Pupil Voice

Year 3: Ava


What do you think of when you hear ‘PE’?

  • Lots of activities and different exercises
  • I get really excited because we always get to do lots of fun stuff.
  • I look forward to it because I get to use all of the school equipment.


What usually happens during a lesson?


  • We always start with a full warm-up, which gets me ready for PE. 
  • I have more fun than I have during any lesson
  • My teacher gives me plenty of praise and advice. 
  • My teacher tells me if I am improving and what I can work on.


Year 4: Harry


How is PE different to other lessons?

  • I feel joy because I know the lesson is going to be informative and fun.
  • There is more freedom in PE than in any other lesson.


What do you like best about PE?


  • Learning how to run, throw and catch.
  • We have plenty of equipment that is different to things that I have used before. 
  • I like using Spanish in our activities. 


Year 5: Joseph


Why do you like PE so much? 


  • Because it gives me the opportunity to find things that I am good at, that I may have never known before. 
  • I get to judge my own success against the teacher’s expectations.
  • We get to compare our own performance with each other’s and set targets. 
  • We get to wear our St Francis de Sales PE kit that makes me feel part of a team.


What would you improve?


- I would have a competition for those who are enjoying the sport or who are good at it, so they can apply their skills in a competitive environment. 


Year 6: Lily 


What is your favourite thing about PE?


We get to do a warm-up, which increases our heart rate and build upon our basic skills, such as flexibility. 


There is immediate feedback, so I know if I am good at it, without waiting. 


What would you improve? 


- More lessons per week! 

Understanding what we have been taught