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Physical Education

Physical Education


"Sport and health are so important to our nation that they deserve to be right at the front of people's minds."

- Daley Thompson




We believe it is our duty to provide our pupils with the skills, knowledge, understanding and experiences, which will enable our pupils to lead healthy, well-balanced and active lifestyles. This will be achieved through carefully planned and sequenced units of work in a deliberately wide range of activities, enriching experiences, competitive sporting opportunities and extracurricular clubs.


We believe this provision provides the scope to meet the needs of all pupils and develop not only technical skills and understanding, but also the attributes of resilience, collaboration and confidence.

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Units of work build on previous learning and provide the foundation for future acquisition. Pupils are able to become increasingly independent in performance and planning for their own improvement through the practices and tasks they are set.


Lessons are delivered by a team of passionate and enthusiastic PE staff, with extensive experience and qualifications in teaching and coaching sports. They work closely with class teachers to ensure teaching is tailored to the needs of classes and pupils and where possible, appropriate cross-curricular links reinforce learning between subjects. 


Pupils benefit enormously from the range of enriching experiences provided; these include PGL outdoor activity residentials, water sports and mountain biking, which the school pays for to ensure that all can take part.


Wide ranging competitive sports opportunities are planned throughout the year via in-house and inter-school competitions. Amongst others, these include our annual, “Inclusive Sportsday” and participation in tournaments run by local associations such as Liverpool Schools Athletics and Liverpool School Sports Partnership.


Extracurricular clubs are provided in a multitude of sports which are timetabled throughout the year to ensure seasonality and reflect the variety of pupils’ interest; these include boxing, football, dance and cricket and are provided free of charge to encourage maximal participation.



We use several strategies to measure the impact of our teaching and the curriculum we provide. These inform future planning and provision:


  • Formative assessment takes place in every PE lesson assessment and identifies strengths and areas for improvement, which generates individual targets. Feedback and guidance on how to improve is given as close to the point of learning as possible. 

  • Pupil voice enables us to improve our provision of curriculum, competitive sports, enriching activities and clubs even further As a result of pupil voice, we have provided a morning football club, a girls’ only football club, entered a competition for children with additional needs, put on extra lessons for children who are attending ski trips and entered competitions for sports that are outside of our curriculum e.g., badminton and volleyball competitions. 

  • At the end of each term, each individual is graded to identify if they are working below, expected standard or above the standard. This data is input on a whole school tracking system. 

  • Progress videos are  taken at the start and end of  units to show development from Y3 to Y6.

  • The curriculum is monitored by my faculty lead and SLT (informs subject development plan) e.g. Termly lesson obs by SLT, subject review (based on PV and all available information)

  • PE Sport Premium Strategy and Impact Report completed each year by Subject Lead and approved by SLT and SIL