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Raising Aspirations Programme


"I really look forward to Investors each week because we are always learning something new and when I go back to class I feel like I have stretched my mind.  The things we learn in Investors have helped me realise the skills I need to overcome barriers that may block my path. My personal aim is to develop my resilience levels and to break down the problems I face into smaller steps; this will help me feel less frustrated." Adam


“My favourite thing about Investors so far is learning about all the different job opportunities that exist. I want to be a police officer but I have never thought about the steps I need to take to achieve my dream. After doing some research, I understand that police officers must be able to move quickly while carrying a lot of heavy equipment; therefore, they have to be in pretty good shape. This is why I am starting to improve my fitness levels and have even spoken to Mr Gow about joining the athletics team!” - Jack



"My favourite thing this year has been learning about life skills with Julie (visitor from Barnardo’s). We talked about the differences between emotions and how it is acceptable to experience all different types of emotions; however, not all behaviours relating to how we are feeling are acceptable. We played a role-play game and we took in turns to guess the emotion, it was a lot of fun.” - Miley



"I am really looking forward to visiting Sovini during the summer. Both my older brother and sister were a part of the Investors group when they were at SFDS and they enjoyed it that much they still talk about it today! Miss Craig has told us after our first visit we will make a presentation to the board of directors! I feel a little nervous; however, as an SFDS pupil I know that it is ok to make a mistake as I will get it right the next time. It is important to turn negatives into positives.” – Ellis   

Liverpool Hope University


"I feel really privileged to be part of the Investors group because it has helped me to conquer my fears and it has helped me to push myself, knowing that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. University was something I never considered as an option for myself, I just thought about going to my local secondary school. It is important to have ambition because without ambition I am going to limit my opportunities in the future." - Thomas