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Positive Footprints

                                                              Positive Footprints


               “You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” - Abraham Maslow 



Positive Footprints has been established to enable pupils to learn how to invest in themselves and their own future, by developing the habits and attitudes essential for them to be happy, successful and responsible citizens. 


The key areas we aim to develop are:

  • Attendance and Punctuality - understanding the importance of these in achieving their goals
  • Self Confidence - having belief in their own ability to achieve their goals
  • Aspiration - having an optimistic vision for their own future
  • Resilience (Non Excidet approach) - having tenacity to achieve their goals
  • Improve attainment and progress


In order to achieve this we have formed partnerships with four external providers:


External Provider 1: Liverpool Hope University

To enable our pupils to become more aware of possible careers and what they need to do in order to get there.


External Provider 2: 'Sovini'

To increase pupils' awareness of career opportunities and to develop confidence and presentation skills.


External Provider 3: Barnardo's Life Skills

To develop life skills through a series of structured sessions focussing on:

  • Self-esteem
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Healthy choices
  • Aspirations and careers


External Provider 4: Raising Aspirations Programme

Our programme has been adopted and developed by 'Positive Footprints Network' and extended to dozens of other schools. It is designed to:

  • Build resilience 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Improve engagement with lessons 
  • Develop employability skills
  • increase self-awareness 

It is delivered over a period of 12 weeks by teaching staff at St Francis de Sales.





External Provider 1: Liverpool Hope University.


Our pupils will spend the day experiencing life as a student; to discover the many aspects of university life. Children will have the opportunity to take a look at the grounds of the university, the universities onsite accomodation and the large number of courses available. During the day, pupils will decide which areas interest them most and will have the chance to ask lecturers and course leaders questions. This experience exposes pupils to the possibility of attending university in the future.


External Provider 2: ‘Sovini’ 


Sovini has been hailed the 'European Best Company to Work For' and this is something SFDS wanted to be a part of. Year 5's were introduced to the world of work-based learning on their visit to Sovini's head office. Whilst there, pupils were taken on a tour of the site by the managing director and CEO of Sovini. Pupils were split into two teams and given group tasks such as designing job adverts and building the tallest tower out of assorted objects. As part of the work with Sovini, pupils will have a visit to our school from a senior member of One Vision Housing for a workshop on presentation skills. Also, pupils visit the 156 Regiment Army Reserve Camp for map reading activities and to learn about career opportunities within the Army. During the summer term, our Positive Footprints group will give a final presentation to the group's executive management.


External Provider 3: Barnardo's Life Skills

Our Positive Footprints group thoroughly enjoyed their life skills sessions with Julie from Barnardo's. The sessions were delivered in a manner that allowed all pupils to openly discuss risk taking behaviours that affect our communities and the impact peer pressure plays on such behaviours. Each Life Skills session has discussed topics such as; smoking, decision making, advertising, anxiety, social skills and coping with stress.


External Provider 4: Raising Aspirations Programme

Since starting the Raising Aspirations programme the children have explored their own individual skills and qualities, helping them to look beyond school and consider what they want to do with their futures. Pupils have created curriculum vitaes and are using their jobs and roles within school to positively promote themselves in their CV's. The children identified inspirational figures, these included teachers, parents and friends! Not long after, they hosted a question and answer session with the one and only... Mr Gouldborne! Pupils worked together to create the questions; discussing his aspirations at the age of 10, the barriers he has overcome and how he remained resilient on his path to become our Assistant Head. 


Moving forward, the children will create covering letters, hold their own interviews and set goals for the future. As well as, partaking in a career carousel event held at SFDS. This event brings SFDS and local businesses together to open up the world of work! Children will have the chance to make their way around each stall and participate in discussions, challenges and games. This is a much anticipated event for our Positive Footprints.



Since the introduction of the Positive Footprints programme it has resulted in:

  • Attendance and Punctuality 
  • Self confidence 
  • Aspiration 
  • Resilience (Non Excidet)
  • Improve attainment and progress

We measure the impact of the Positive Footprints programme through pupil questionnaires, teacher surveys and baselines. 


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