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Non Excidet


Who stole the missing laptop?

At the end of our light topic, we presented evidence from across the topic, using our oracy skills to justify our reasons for who we believed the prime suspect to be.

Emily explaining how we discovered the prime suspect using her scientific reasoning.

Shadows and Reflection


Year 6 have been giving presentations to explain how shadows are formed and how light is reflected from surfaces/ Whilst presenting, we thought about our posture and the importance of eye contact, as well as enunciation, pace and expression.


'After our presentation, Ryan asked a question about the moon being a light source. I was able to use my prior knowledge to reply and say that the moon isn't a light source, it reflects light from the sun.'


Classifying Animals


In small groups, pupils had to classify animals first into two groups, then into small sub groups. This involved listening to each other, reacting to the opinions of others and being prepared to critique or justify opinions.


'I grouped the animals into mammals and non-mammals to start. I then broke down each group into further categories depending on other things like whether they could fly or not.'


The human digestive system


Year 6 had to use their listening skills to take notes on how water and nutrients are transported in the human digestive system. Afterwards, they had to prepare and perform a presentation to the rest of the class outlining how this system works.


'We worked really well as a team to take notes based on the information that was read out to us.'