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Separating Materials


While the children worked scientifically to separate different materials, they explained to the class the method they had chosen and how it worked in a clear and concise way.

Comparing Life Cycles


Children have been using their understanding of life cycles to create their own venn diagrams to compare and group animals based on the similarities and differences in their life cycles. They then used their venn diagrams to deliver a one minute presentation to the rest of their class, comparing the life cycle of at least one of the animals we have focused on to the life cycle of a flower. 

Describing Materials


Our children have been focusing on the properties of materials. Focusing on specific scientific vocabulary (including terms such as hardness, flexibility, transparent, ect.), the children used their oracy skills to describe given materials and their properties. 




Our children have been focusing on friction as part of their forces topic. Using specific scientific language and the oracy skills they have developed throughout the year, children used their prior knowledge and understanding of forces in order to discuss different statements relating to friction.



Our thoughts on friction

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'Flat Earth' and Spherical Earth' Theories 


Our children have been researching "Flat Earth' and 'Spherical Earth' theories to host their own Scientific debate. Using the evidence given, the children structured their 'propositional' and 'oppositional' arguments. The children used ambitious scientific vocabulary to articulate their reasoning for their conclusions.  They listened carefully to the points of view from the other side so that they could challenge each others evidence with a rebuttal. 


"I enjoyed engaging with the 'Opposition' as I knew my evidence for a 'Spherical Earth' was more substantial than theirs." - Isla