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Planned opportunities for oracy are crafted into our Maths lessons, including chances to explain reasoning, disprove/prove conjectures and convince. 

Ava explaining how she proved a conjecture by generating a formula for finding the total of 5 numbers in a number grid.

Dominic explaining how to calculate the numbers in Fibonacci's series and Pascal's triangle.


Pupil Voice:


"In our maths lessons, we are invited to the board to show the rest of the class our working out - whether we have the answer right or wrong! It is really helpful to us not just mathematically, but also in terms of our Oracy skills, to be able to articulate our justification behind our answers. If we have it right, it helps us to deepen our understanding to be able to explain why it is wrong. If we are incorrect, most of the time we notice just by having to explain our decision-making to the rest of the class!" - Oliwier


"In Maths, our teacher often show us a solution to a problem that has errors in it. We have to critically respond to the problem and be able to explain where the working out is incorrect. We are also encouraged to listen to each others' suggestions for how to solve a problem, but be prepared to challenge them and suggest alternative methods that may be quicker or easier." - Maisie