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Living Things and Their Habitats – How Do Humans Impact the Environment? 

Using our Year 4 oracy skills, we created a powerpoint presentation to explain the positive and negative impact that humans have on the environment. Once complete, we delivered our presentation to the class and explained how we can help reduce plastic pollution in our local environment. 


Electricity – Conductors and Insulators

 To further support our understanding of electricity, we learned about conductors and insulators. Using a variety of materials, we planned and completed our own investigation to test if they would either conduct electricity or act as an insulator. Through class discussion, this helped us understand why certain materials were used to keep us safe around electricity and we concluded that metals were the best conductors as they allowed the bulb to light up when used.


Sound - True or False?


After recapping their knowledge of materials from Year 2, our children have been thinking about which state of matter different materials belong to. They used their Oracy skills to give reasons for their responses.

Sound - History Focus

After learning about how sounds travel through vibrations, Year 4 have been developing their understanding of some key discoveries in the development of devices to support people with hearing problems. They then used their oracy and reasoning skills to explain each discovery and explain which discovery they thought was the most important and why.


'I think that the most important discovery was the telephone because this was the first step in amplifying sounds using electricity!' Albie


States of Matter – The History of Weather Prediction

After learning all about the discoveries in weather forecasting, we used our chronology skills to place these events on a timeline. Next, we used our oracy skills to discuss the importance of each discovery and how our understanding of the water cycle helps predict the weather.