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Non Excidet

Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Manchester Muslim Preparatory School Partnership


We believe that in the current world climate it is important to reach out and develop partnerships and friendships. With this in mind we are establishing a working relationship with the Manchester Muslim Preparatory School based on encouraging mutual-understanding and harmony. We want to our pupils to get to know each other as people and individuals rather than by our faiths and that we have far more similarities than differences.


Educating the children about the each others culture is the best way to create understanding and promote mutual respect. When our partnership began, the children from The Manchester Muslim Prep visited our school. the children had a great time getting to know each other and working together to solve different problems. Our pupils have also been lucky to visit The Manchester Muslim Prep, to learn more about the creative gold age of Muslim civilisation. 


Pupil Voice


When we visited the Manchester Muslim Prep School, we were made to feel so welcome. The children were happy to answer any questions we had about their culture and school. - Ruby 


I really enjoyed learning about the Muslim culture. We did lots of fun activities and watched a short film about how Muslim culture has influenced the world. - Caitlin 


We are incredibly proud of this partnership and look forward to developing our relationship further. Please view the links below to see some of our ventures together.

Princes Road Synagogue 


During our 'Other Faiths' topic in the 'Come and See' R.E curriculum, Year 3 (along with the rest of the school) have been learning about Judaism. 


As part of their learning, the children visited Princes Road synagogue. They were able to speak to a member of the Jewish community who spoke about the different features of a synagogue including the Holy Ark and the Bimah, before showing them a Torah Scroll. They also learned about different Jewish traditions such as: the men wear a Kippah as a sign of respect and the New Tamid (Eternal Light) is always burning as a symbol of God’s everlasting presence.