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Lessons and Workshops

Lessons and Workshops


D&T - Scouse Pies

In celebration of 'Global Scouse Day', Year 6 ventured into our school's kitchens to learn how to make this special local dish. We learnt how to chop the vegetables into an equal dice, brown and season the meat to seal its edges then to add stock to allow the mixture to simmer. Finally, we added our own pastry top including our own design, which would try to appeal to our end user: children.


"I was really excited to make Scouse pies because I didn't know what Scouse was before we learnt about this topic. I really liked working in the kitchen and using the knives to cut the vegetables." Bianca T


"Personally, I really enjoyed working in a real life kitchen because I got to see all the important safety information that we learnt in class (such as cross contamination and washing your hands) in action when we got to work. This made me think that what we were learning in class was also really important in some people's jobs everyday" Theo B

English Outside the Classroom

As part of our analysis of our wordless picture book, 'The Arrival', we created six freeze frames to portray our own story of escaping our home.  We imagined how the protagonist must have felt on his venture away from the safety and security of his home, only to arrive in a place that was completely alien to him.  We enjoyed breaking the freeze frame to act in the shoes of our characters and justify the way they were feeling at significant points throughout the story.


"I liked using the different spaces in the Year 6 resource area to think about the image I would create. By using props and parts of the furniture, I could imagine myself in another world like the protagonist" Nathan P


"By working outside of the classroom, it made me think of how to use the different spaces around me to create a creative picture. I had to think about the emotions that I wanted to convey; as a result, I made sure we used the corridors and windows to seem as though we were trapped in a labyrinth with some camera trickery!" Joseph P

Performance Poetry

Year 6 children performed 'Winter Time' by Robert Louis Stevenson. In groups, they learned the poem off by heart remembering the key oracy skills. The children demonstrated a good command of Standard English, used intonation and pace, adapted their tone and expression, projected their voices at varying volumes to suit the poem and used a very good variety of facial expressions and hand gestures to emphasise points.

Winter Time by Robert Louis Stevenson

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Maths Outside the Classroom

In preparation for making our Scouse pies, we had to ensure we had enough ingredients in order to supply the whole of Year 6. We had our basic Scouse recipe and used our knowledge of scaling to the desired quantity each time.


"I enjoyed using the recipe and altering it depending on the amount of people that were needed. To do this, I had to rely on my multiplication skills. Learning the skill that I could use within another lesson (D&T) made it easier for me to understand." Neve


"I found scaling quite tricky at first - especially when we were talking about making cake recipes or recipes for different soups because I've never made these things before. Because we were making Scouse, I found that I understood how to double, triple, halve or even quadruple the measurements of the ingredients. It makes me think about how our School Chef has to use these skills everyday." Miley

First Aid

We learnt crucial first aid skills alongside UK Military School so that we are equipped with life-saving knowledge in case we ever had to use them. Firstly, it was important to learn about what to include in a first-aid box and where these are located around school should we ever need to use one. Next, we learnt how to place someone in the recovery position; use CPR and role played what to say during a call for an ambulance. We really enjoyed the workshop and feel confident in helping a casualty in the future.


"I really loved the first aid training! After revising the knowledge and skills that Wayne taught us, I scored 100% on my first aid test. I was really proud of myself and the new skills I had learnt. Now, I know what to do in an emergency" Oliver


"First Aid was really exciting to learn about. I particularly loved the practical parts where I learnt about the recovery position and how to give CPR. These skills are really important to help my family if they are ever in trouble. Lucas