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Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom


'The best classroom and the richest learning environment are roofed only by the sky...' - Margaret McMillan

School Year 2018-2019

Our Intent

At St Francis de Sales, it is vital that we maintain a broad and balanced curriculum. A major facet of our school’s identity is that we allow our children to experience life outside of the classroom. We aim to provide context to our classroom learning and put the children into situations which provide them with a concrete experience of learning, as opposed to a constant encounter with abstract theories and ideas. We aim to produce young people who are able to survive and thrive in today’s society; who are willing to be lifelong learners and be inquisitive and experimental. To do this, we offer a wide range of experiences, from international trips to residential activities. From educational visits to educational visitors. From enriching voluntary programmes to a structured play environment – our school aims to cover all bases as well as cater to a wide variety of needs. We are proud of being a forward-thinking school and are constantly looking for avenues to improve our own practice.



  • To introduce pupils to a wide range of new experiences.
  • To provide context for learning.
  • To develop self-esteem and providing opportunities for all to excel.
  • To provide and offer stimulating and exciting opportunities, accessible to all.
  • To enthuse learners in their learning.
  • To develop a sense of intellectual curiosity.
  • To develop the social skills, resiliency and independence of our pupils.
  • To fully prepare our pupils for life after St Francis de Sales.

With our ethos of encouraging Learning Outside the Classroom, we encourage students to apply their learning in different and real-world contexts, in order to broaden their horizons and their aspirations for their future lives. To do this, we aim to provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom in our school grounds, via educational visits and through excursions. 


In the School Grounds:


Through our curriculum subjects, we seek opportunities to promote learning outside the classroom and aim to highlight sections that can be delivered in our school grounds. To do this, we challenge our staff to use resources and their expertise to enhance their lessons and bring in visitors/experts whenever possible. 




From the beauty of Barcelona, to the marvelous PGL and the snowy peaks of Montgenèvre, we offer top-quality excursions - planned with the aim of giving our children experiences that they will have never encountered and memories that they will take with them into the world and use as motivation for their own dreams and desires. These excursions not only inspire and educate, but they develop core skills, such as independence and working as a team. We believe our excursions offer our pupils a chance to grow mentally and spiritually. 





We aim to inspire and consolidate learning through our educational visits that focus upon practical and theoretical activities, in our local area and across broader horizons. Through these visits, we encourage our children to show curiosity in new experiences; set goals for the future and to demonstrate pride in the history of our city and our country. 




PlayPod - a Whole School creative and enhancing way to spend lunch time.

This film highlights how we use our PlayPod at lunchtimes. All children benefit from this experience everyday; developing knowledge, skills and understanding in cooperation, creativity, communication, risk management, sharing, patience and resilience.The pupils share their thoughts and opinions on the impact of 'PlayPod'.

Siiiii! It's here: the Barcelona 2018 Movie!


Western Approaches

A video from our trip to Derby House, the Western Approaches HQ, where the Second World War was won! Thirty Year 6 children (as part of our talent ID) embarked upon this trip, producing some fabulous non-chronological reports as part of a study of a local, historical site!