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Lessons and Workshops

Science: Air Resistance Workshop


During the workshop, the children shared their knowledge of forces with Mr. B before focusing on air resistance and how it has an impact on how things move through the air. The children created their own paper planes which they raced against each other.

Delamere Forest


The children enjoyed a fun-packed day out in the wonderful Delamere Forest as part of the Year 5 Geography Curriculum. As well as this, they had an amazing opportunity to explore the forest on a mountain bike.

Performing 'The Tyger'


Year 5 children performed 'The Tyger' by William Blake. In groups, they learned the poem off by heart remembering the key oracy skills. The children demonstrated a good command of Standard English, used intonation and pace, adapted their tone and expression, projected their voices at varying volumes to suit the poem and used a very good variety of facial expressions and hand gestures to emphasise points.

'Small Things'


In order to further develop their understanding of how the boy in 'Small Things' (our wordless picture book) felt during different parts of his day, children in Year 5 put themselves in his shoes and freeze framed different parts of his day. While doing this, the children interviewed each other asking about their feelings and emotions as well as their actions. 

UK Military School: First Aid Training


All of year 5 have learnt crucial first aid skills alongside UK Military School so that we are equipped with life-saving knowledge in case we ever had to use them. Firstly, it was important to learn about what to include in a first-aid box and where these are located around school should we ever need to use one. Next, we learnt how to place someone in the recovery position; use CPR and role played what to say during a call for an ambulance. We really enjoyed the workshop and feel confident in helping a casualty in the future.



"I feel as though learning how to use First Aid is extremely important as it we may have to use it one day and I am now a lot more confident in my ability to help others in these situations!" Rebecca M 

"Working with UK Military School was very interesting and now I know how to handle situations which require First Aid to be used!" Stephen S

Italian Cuisine


For the cookery and nutrition unit, Year 5 explored the various ingredients that are often used in traditional Italian cuisine. Working alongside our school chef, the Year 5 pupils taste tested a range of ingredients and decided whether they wanted to include them in their own pasta dish. We then chopped our chosen vegetables ready to be added to our sauce and dish later.