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Lessons and Workshops

Performing 'The River'


Year 4 children performed 'The River' by Valerie Bloom.Children used both their reading and their oracy skills to learn the poem off by heart. The children then used all of their skills to perform the poem to their peers using the school library as their stage. 



'Maths with Mable'


At different points of the year, children in Year 4 have enjoyed leaving the classroom to work with our school Maths dog, Mabel. Children have enjoyed the opportunity to work on different Mathematical concepts with Mabel. 


"When we get to do practical Maths, I love it! My favourite lesson this year has have been when we have completed Maths with Mabel our Maths dog. It really helped me to understand the fractions that we were exploring." Michael 

Changing State: Melting and Freezing


Year 4 have been learning about changes of state and how the arrangement of particles changes. They have observed freezing in action by creating their own ice pops! They visited the kitchen to put their liquid lollies into the freezer. They left their ice pops overnight and the next day they were frozen and ready to eat in the Science garden!


"The particles in the liquid ice pop slowed down and got closer together when it was put into the freezer." Harley


"When you held the ice pop in your hand you could feel the solid turning back into a liquid because it was warming up!" Faye

Traditional Greek Cuisine


As part of the Cookery and Nutrition part of the Design and Technology curriculum, Yer 4 explored traditional Greek cuisine. Pupils explored foods traditionally grown, reared and produced in Greece while also researching a range of Greek dishes focusing on Souvlaki kebabs. Pupils were able to taste a range of ingredients before deciding which ingredients they would include in their own meals. Children then used a range of cooking equipment to prepare and cook their meals.