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Lessons and Workshops

Lessons and Workshops

Literacy - Exploring how a book may affect pupils


Year 5 children have been exploring a wordless picture book called 'Small Things'. They had the opportunity to walk around our school as part of their lesson to build empathy for the main character which really helped with their diary entries.

First Aid


UK Military School came to our school to teach us crucial first aid skills so that we are equipped with life-saving knowledge in case we ever need to use them. First of all, we learnt about what to include in a first-aid box and where these are located around school should we ever need to use one. Then, we learnt how to place someone in the recovery position; use CPR and role played what to say during a call for an ambulance. 


"I now have the skills and confidence to help somebody if they need any help." Dominic

"Before these sessions, I didn't know how to call an ambulance or even put somebody into the recovery position." Emily



Birds of Prey 


On Wednesday 15th January, we were lucky enough to welcome some flying visitors into our school – birds of prey! The children learnt lots of interesting information about these animals, which included goshawks, buzzards and kestrels. They were even able to see a huge Eurasian eagle owl take flight. This was our favourite of all!


They were also very brave, with a number of children being chosen to hold the goshawk in their own hand. What a fantastic experience for the children to get up close to these fascinating birds and learn more about their habitats and behaviour!

Science - Explaining the Orbits of the Earth, Sun and Moon


Year 5 children worked on the school yard to demonstrate how the Earth and Moon orbit around the Sun. 


Science - Space Dome


We explored an amazing 'Space Dome' in the hall to help develop our understanding of Earth and Space. We viewed many constellations along with stories which would help us to remember them.

Maths - Converting Units of Time


Year 5, took part in many races involving hopping, skipping and jumping. The fastest times were then added up in minutes and then converted into seconds.


Science - Forces Workshop


The children enjoyed working in the school hall for a 'Forces' workshop looking at air pressure, gravity and air resistance.