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Developing skilled, independent writers is at the core of our Writing Process. We endeavour to inspire our pupils to write for a variety of purposes and audiences whenever possible through incidental opportunities and organised competitions.

Baseline to Independent Write


The central purpose of our Writing Process is to enable pupils to become independent writers, who make their own authorial choices in their writing. At the beginning of every topic, pupils are baselined in the genre, providing teachers with opportunities for diagnostic analysis of prior learning, misconceptions in grammar and syntax and crucially, individual targets for where the next steps in the learning should go for groups or individuals. At the end of each topic, pupils produce an independent piece of writing, using the knowledge and skills they have learnt, and apply it in a different context.  This provides teachers with an objective measure of progress from their initial baseline assessment.

Writing Ambassadors


All pupils have access to writing materials at lunchtimes to support further independent writing for pleasure. This initiative is monitored by the Writing Ambassadors for each year group, who provide challenges and writing prompts.

"Writing Club is an enjoyable way to spend my time after school because we get the chance to write about whatever we want. I also enjoy setting activities and tasks for pupils in our school to do at lunchtime in the Buddy Zone." George

100 Word Story Competition

"I loved this competition and I was really happy when I found out that I had been published in a national book! I like being creative and writing is one way that I can do this at home." Eva

National Writing Competitions

"English is my favourite subject and I like writing stories and making comics at home. When I took part in this competition, I was really excited to get a copy to take home.  I like seeing them in the school library too so my friends can read it!" Jacob