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Who stole the missing laptop?

For our 'Light' topic, we have taken part in a range of different investigations that have enabled us to demonstrate our independent working scientifically skills, by predicting, setting up fair tests, measuring and concluding. Some of our investigations have involved measuring the length of shadows; using coloured film to mix light colours and using magnifying glasses of different strengths to try and read an encrypted code.


"I have loved our Light topic, it's been so much fun to try and figure out who stole the missing laptop and I've learned so much about how light works!" - Ryan



How does the voltage affect the brightness of a bulb?


After learning about the different circuit components and how to make a complete circuit, our pupils independently investigated how the voltage affects the brightness of a bulb. They set up their own circuits, carefully observed the brightness of the bulb using an app called Lux and used their maths skills to create their own line graphs to show their results. Finally, they wrote their own conclusions of the investigation, considering whether the test was fair or not, why they got the results that they had and how the investigation could be improved.


'My favourite part was putting the circuit together myself and changing different parts of it to measure the impact it had. I noticed that the results were different depending on how close I held the iPad to the lightbulb.'


The History of Electricity


Following on from their learning about Thomas Edison and the invention of the light bulb in Year 4, our children have been independently researching the history of electricity to create their own in depth reports.

The digestive system


Building on their knowledge from Year 4, our pupils researched and created their own presentations for the class on how water and nutrients are transported in our digestive system.


'I found out some interesting facts doing my own research for our presentations. Did you know that chyme is the name for the acid produced in the small intestine during digestion?'


How does exercise affect heart rate?


Making links with their learning in PE, Year 6 planned their own scientific enquiries to investigate how exercise affects heart rate.

'Since completing this investigation, I have completed my own scientific research at home when I've been exercising!'