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Golden Thread - sketching


Developing skilled, independent artists is a fundamental part of our curriculum. At the start of the year, pupils complete an independent drawing, this year they sketched our church. Carrying out this work independently, provides teachers with the opportunity to identify where the the next steps in learning should go for individuals or groups. Look at the progress one of our Year 6 pupils made in the below sketches.





Congratulations to our Year 6 pupil, Alyssa, on her 'winning' book cover design. After researching various book covers in school, Alyssa worked at home to come up with her design for our annual 'We are Writers' book. The judges had a difficult choice as they deliberated over the final 16 fantastic designs. Alyssa was overwhelmed to see her design in print as it graced the cover of over 400 books. What an amazing achievement for Alyssa who dreams of becoming an artist one day.  

One-Point Perspective 

After discussing the importance of perspective in drawing, we examined the work of French Painter Gustave Caillebotte. Paying particular attention to his use of 'one-point perspective', we learned about key terms such as 'vanishing point' and 'horizontal eye line'. Then, it was our turn....


I found it a little confusing at  first as there was so much to think about;

however I was really pleased with the finished piece.

I am looking forward to experimenting with using

perspective in my future drawings... 

   Kaci - Class 15 


Shang Silk Paintings

Before starting our silk paintings, we researched the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We looked at some of the symbols used and discussed the intricacy of the designs on the bronze pieces from the era. Did you know bronzes were often decorated with a motif, commonly faces of demons or symbolic animals?