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 Friedensreich Hundertwasser


After learning all about Hundertwasser, the children independently painted their own buildings. Can you spot any iconic Liverpool buildings?



Art and Artists Over Time


Year 5 children independently researched the three broad areas of art and created a timeline which identified the origins of art and how great artists, designers and architects have changed over time.



St. Francis de Sales Church


Every year, the children independently draw our school church from observation. They use their art skills which they have developed throughout the year.

Constructing Viking Longboats


Once they had an understanding of Viking longboats, children in Year 5 independently designed, painted and constructed their own Viking longboat using the techniques they had been taught.

Designing and Painting Viking Shields


Year 5 children independently designed their own Viking shields after researching various examples. The children painted their designs using acrylic paints and embossed foil for runes on the shields.

Children's Mental Health Week

As part of Children's Mental ,Health Week, we drew our emotions. This involved thinking about how we felt at that specific moment, linking these thoughts and emotions with different shapes and colours, and independently 'drawing our emotions'. We also used the 'Swiggle' activity to express ourselves. 

Self Portraits


Independently sketching parts of the face using the techniques they have been taught throughout the sessions.

Designing a Book Front Cover


In Year 5, the children were set a task to design a front cover for our school 'We Are Writers' book.