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Conductors and Insulators

After learning how to create simple circuits, the children have been planning their own investigations to test which materials are conductors of electricity and which are insulators. They made their own predictions and spotted the pattern that the metals were the best conductors as the bulb lit up in their circuits when metal materials were used. 


'I didn't realise that foil was a metal - but the bulb lit up so I researched it and found out that it is made of a metal called aluminium!'


Creating and testing circuits

Our pupils have been using their knowledge of how to create a complete circuit to independently create circuits, making secure connections. The children independently used their understanding to predict and test each circuit, as well as creating examples of their own using their circuit knowledge.


'I knew that the bulb would not light up because the wires have to be connected to each end of the cell - the positive and negative ends - so that the electricity can flow around the circuit. When I created the circuit to test my theory I found that I was correct!'


Independently researching invertebrates

After learning about the main invertebrate groups, the children have been using their scientific research skills to find out some interesting facts about different invertebrates as well comparing them to vertebrates.


'Did you know that the biggest earthworm ever found was 22 feet long!'


'I always thought that spider were insects but they are actually arachnids!'


Creating informative leaflets about plastic pollution

Year 4 have been learning about the positive and negative effects that humans can have on the environment. They independently researched the harmful effects of plastic and also found out about important ways that humans can help reduce plastic pollution. They then presented their final leaflets to the rest of the class.

'The most interesting thing that I found out was how much plastic can actually be eaten by animals and stay in their stomachs. It is really important to reduce plastic pollution by wasting less plastic.'