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Healthy Me

What are the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol?

During PSHE week, we learnt about how important it is to take responsibility for our own health and well-being.  We explored the consequences smoking has on the human body and some of us were shocked to see how it damages our bodies - particularly the lungs! We also considered the dangers alcohol can have on the individuals who choose to drink it and those around them. Both smoking and drinking alcohol can impact a humans physical and mental health; therefore, we know now it is important to support others and advise them where to get help. 


"Peer pressure makes a lot of people feel like they should smoke cigarettes (or vape) to fit in with the people around them. But, to be the healthiest version of myself I need to surround myself with positive, healthy people." - Bella 


"When a person drinks alcohol it takes away a lot of their common sense; therefore, people will make rash, dangerous decisions and this can put themselves and others in danger!" - Christian 

Friendship Circles

This week, we recognised the importance of different friendship groups and how they are formed. We were able to discuss this in classes and share as a group how we fit into them as well as, identifying the friends we value the most. Year 4 have understood that there are people who take on the roles of leaders or followers in friendship groups, and we know the roles we should take on in different situations.


"When I am playing cricket with my team mates, sometimes I am chosen to lead the team and my friends within the team follow my lead." - Riley S


"I had friends at my old gymnastics club however I don't see them much any more because I don't go to the club. It is alright though as I have lots of friends at my new club." - Maddison R