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General Election

The General Election 


With the upcoming General Election, we have been learning all about what this means for our country! We learned about the different political parties represented in the UK, and the process of electing a member of parliament (MP).



Pupil Voice:


The General Election was really interesting. We spoke about how people have different views and how we must listen and respect each other. We learnt about the different parties and what their manifestos said. We also talked about the House of Commons! Did you know that there are 650 seats in the House of Commons? Different parties gain seats which means they can vote on important issues! - Will H  


We learnt that the UK is separated into 650 areas, known as constituencies. Every eligible resident gets to go out and vote for one of the  representatives, called candidates, in their constituency. The candidate with the most votes in each area wins a place, or seat, in the House of Commons. They become a Member of Parliament, or MP. – Frankie R

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