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First Aid Training

First Aid


All of year 5 have learnt crucial first aid skills alongside UK Military School so that we are equipped with life-saving knowledge in case we ever had to use them. Firstly, it was important to learn about what to include in a first-aid box and where these are located around school should we ever need to use one. Next, we learnt how to place someone in the recovery position; use CPR and role played what to say during a call for an ambulance. We really enjoyed the workshop and feel confident in helping a casualty in the future.



"I feel as though learning how to use First Aid is extremely important as it we may have to use it one day and I am now a lot more confident in my ability to help others in these situations!" Rebecca M 

"Working with UK Military School was very interesting and now I know how to handle situations which require First Aid to be used!" Stephen S