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Enriching Experiences

Enriching Experiences


We allow for experiences, both in and out of school, to enrich and broaden our pupils' cultural experience and immerse them in their learning journey. 


Outdoor Maths!
Using a timer and comparing results
How long does it take us to run a set distance?
Learning Outside the Classroom
Collecting data for statistical analysis

Pupil Voice:


"I love doing maths outside the classroom. As an enriching experience and an opportunity to work outside of our normal setting, we went onto the playground to convert units of time. We recorded how long it would take to travel around the playground and then used our knowledge of seconds and minutes to convert the times. It was one of my favourite Maths lessons this year." - Sonny

We discussed the time needed to cook our goujons
Prior to this, we weighed our ingredients

Pupil Voice:


"We are often using maths outside of the classroom. During DT week, our understanding of measure came in handy. We needed to set an accurate time frame for our chicken or fish goujons to be in the oven for them to cook perfectly. A few minutes out could have ended in disaster. We also needed to use our knowledge of measuring in grams. We need to have a precise amount of flour and breadcrumbs to ensure our goujons were evenly breaded!" - Daniel  



Strengthening our bridges
Our bridge needed to cross over a 100 cm gap

Pupil Voice:


"I loved building bridges during DT week. Our bridges had to follow a certain brief that required our mathematical brains. The bridges had to be able to cross over a 100 cm gap. We knew that 100 cm is equivalent to 1 m; therefore, we used metre sticks to ensure our accuracy. As well as this, we had to ensure that our bridges were strong enough to withstand various weight." - Caitlyn