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Enriching Experiences

Reading Ambassadors


Reading Ambassadors are chosen for their love of reading, their willingness to share this passion with others and enthusiasm to promote reading throughout the school. We are delighted to have such wonderful Reading Ambassadors in Year 4 who we know are going to face their new role with great positivity and joy!


Role in Action:

* Part of the job of the Reading Ambassador is to encourage others in their class to read.

* Monitor children’s attainment of the weekly reading challenge.

* Share book reviews and recommendations with their classes.

* Complete library audits to find out what books, genres, dictionaries and thesauruses are needed to support reading.

* Help with reading events across the school.

* Help create displays to promote reading within school.

* Provide ideas to improve the curriculum


Story Sessions


Each we we bring our class novels to life by providing many immersive experiences to assist with pupils' own interpretations of the characters, settings and main events. This starts right from the very beginning of a session when the same piece of a music is played to signal that a Story Session is about to begin. We delve into a new adventure and explore a vast range of new vocabulary, authors techniques and themes each half term. It is one of the highlights of our week and we find it not only a time to explore the joy of reading but also to relax and look after our mental health!


World Book Day

World Book Day was a little bit different this year but we weren't going to let lock down spoil one of our favourite days of the year! This year pupils joined in from home and took part in a whole host of exciting competitions. Lucky winners were picked each day and they receive a very special prize - a book of their choice and a bag of goodie to enjoy while reading it! The teachers were blown away by the incredible work on display. 

Harry Potter Day: Diagon Alley


On Friday 25th June, we celebrated all things Harry Potter with a fun filled day of reading and activities. As our theme was 'Diagon Alley,' our pupils used their imagination to visit Ollivander's shop and purchase their first wands, enjoy a chapter of their favourite Harry Potter book at Flourish and Blotts and even make a potion with Professor Snape! 


But first, of course, we had to sort our pupils and staff into the correct Hogwarts houses with a little help from the sorting hat! Which house would the hat sort you into I wonder?